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Jack Sprat
I hope to figure out how to use this. I love friends, but am terribly ill-equiped to post consistantly. I hope that doesn't offend.

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His Wife Could Eat No Lean

bleauregard [userpic]
It feels weird

So this is new. I feel like my brain is going to explode, looking at layouts and totally failing. Anyone know what they're doing?


Aw buddy. We were made for the good times.

You are most welcome about Eric, he is a certain kind of joy!

He certainly is! nomnom eric.

I hope she does a better job with the next book. If Sookie gets back with eric i will be PISSED OFF.

Who are you hoping for? Spill!

what? I want Sookie/Eric!

I just really hate Bill. He is just pathetic now and he is an asshole.

I think Eric really cares about her he just goes about it wrong LMFAO.

Ooooh ok. You said If Sookie gets back with eric i will be PISSED OFF. Totally threw me - but I understand what you meant now.

Bill is so damn annoying. Eric is just 1,000, so naturally he does things a little wrong, lol. That's what I think anyways, it's my excuse for him messing stuff up.

Well if they are married/bonded like you said, we can only hope Charlaine ends this thing right! If they could, Eric and Sookie would make the whitest babies ever. Heaven, really.

OH SHOOT I DID SAY THAT DIDNT I? I meant BILL. WTF am I high? I don't think so...

I can't believe I did that...

lol. Oh, my dear, that's quite alright. You've got Eric on the brain!