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Jack Sprat
I hope to figure out how to use this. I love friends, but am terribly ill-equiped to post consistantly. I hope that doesn't offend.

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His Wife Could Eat No Lean

bleauregard [userpic]
It feels weird

So this is new. I feel like my brain is going to explode, looking at layouts and totally failing. Anyone know what they're doing?


Ooooh ok. You said If Sookie gets back with eric i will be PISSED OFF. Totally threw me - but I understand what you meant now.

Bill is so damn annoying. Eric is just 1,000, so naturally he does things a little wrong, lol. That's what I think anyways, it's my excuse for him messing stuff up.

Well if they are married/bonded like you said, we can only hope Charlaine ends this thing right! If they could, Eric and Sookie would make the whitest babies ever. Heaven, really.

OH SHOOT I DID SAY THAT DIDNT I? I meant BILL. WTF am I high? I don't think so...

I can't believe I did that...

lol. Oh, my dear, that's quite alright. You've got Eric on the brain!