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It feels weird

So this is new. I feel like my brain is going to explode, looking at layouts and totally failing. Anyone know what they're doing?
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lmfao I definitely don't know but I like your layout!
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lmfao! I am in NC for right now but on the 1st I am going to Colorado for the summer to paint!
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I love whenever you are around seriously! haha
Whenever I see you comment via my email I am like YAYAYAYAYAY


that is a funny word :D

thanks for the eric.
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He certainly is! nomnom eric.

I hope she does a better job with the next book. If Sookie gets back with eric i will be PISSED OFF.
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what? I want Sookie/Eric!

I just really hate Bill. He is just pathetic now and he is an asshole.

I think Eric really cares about her he just goes about it wrong LMFAO.
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OH SHOOT I DID SAY THAT DIDNT I? I meant BILL. WTF am I high? I don't think so...

I can't believe I did that...